About Us

TWSRecovery is the premier partner for handling your IT Asset Recovery, Recycling requirements, and Technology waste solutions. As a world leader in Environmental sustainability we are focused on finding value and reuse in all electronic recycling materials.

Our Company, intend to “keep doing well by doing good”. We started as a small IT Management / E-waste Recycling company back in 2002, and over the past 10 years, we have grown to become a respected partner in the industry. We are committed to investing in new technologies and market development. We’re getting good at what we do and propose to keep doing it well into the future.

We operate on a global scale with locations in the USA, Europe and Asia and deliver the highest possible return on your obsolete and end of life equipment. The solutions delivered are comprehensive, flexible and cost effective, designed to help you in achieving your targets in a proficient manner.

We are energetic and professional built on people and integrity with a commitment to long-term customer relationships. Our business etiquette is your business requirements and we always employ the industry’s best practices to assure your environmental compliance.

Our Company will guide you in every step of the process, providing a full range of flexible IT equipment Life-cycle Management assistance in:

You have a duty to manage your electronics in an environmentally and responsible manner. We are confident in meeting your needs due to proprietary technology, proactive regulatory compliance and globally-accepted best practices. TWSRecovery navigates the complexity of Environmental directives and compliance, giving you peace of mind.

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