Recycling’s not just a Slogan

Your waste electrical and electronic equipment is to be managed in an environmentally friendly manner in compliance with all the regulations. Licensed sites ensure you stay within the law and protect you from facing fines for failing to comply with the directives.

Retired IT assets contain hazardous components and substances and may be harmful to environment and human health. In order to prevent pollution and reduce the risks your waste equipment must be stored, transported and treated safely and securely by an approved authorized facility in compliance with the legal obligations. Such facilities have proper permits and provide Licensed Carry, qualified Data Destruction, specialized in-house segregation and Compliant Recycling of commodities by worldwide vendors.

A licensed waste site always treats your devices as confidential and carries our erasure of sensitive data prior to the processing in order to prevent identity theft, liabilities, lawsuits or damaging your reputation. A variety of cases associated with major data exposure and leeks prove the importance of partnering with a licensed treatment organization. Customer databases and access codes, copies from used printers’ hard drives, confidential personal and company’s data are being revealed in case your obsolete IT equipment gets improper treatment.

To learn more about examples of data exposure and leeks caused by improper E-waste Recycling you may visit the following links:

Appropriate Data Management ensures your sensitive information is not coming back to be recovered and reused, and your legal, financial and strategic interests are protected. An authorized treatment partner always accompanies the services with proper Data Sanitization and Destruction reports.

Partnering with an authorized electronics recycler is the only way to ensure your compliance with state e-waste laws and protect your organization from penalties.