Compliant Recycling

We provide:
  • Secure removal and transportation of equipment
  • Audit and quantity check on all electronic equipment
  • In-house segregation into commodity streams
  • Compliant certified recycling by approved vendors

Our Zero Cost Recycling procedures are designed to maximize revenue return using advanced cost effective methods leaving  Zero Cost to our customers.

All equipment we receive is quality audited to evaluate remaining value for refurbishment and re-marketing. We use customized management and tracking procedures to allow detailed auditing throughout the process. We provide in-house segregation into commodities and partner with worldwide professional smelters and refiners to achieve the fairest revenue return on your commodities.

We handle and monitor all electronic equipment that passes through our facility as confidential. To learn more about the consequences of improper E-waste Recycling you may visit the following links:

Proprietary technology, proactive regulatory compliance and globally-accepted best management practices make us a trusted partner to manage your Recycling requirements.