Positive Control of Assets During Our UK Data Centre Clear-Outs

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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If your UK firm needs to conduct a “clear-out” of a data centre, TWSRecovery can assist you. Since 2003, we’ve assisted corporate clients throughout the United Kingdom and beyond with the decommissioning, destruction, sanitisation, and recycling of data centre peripherals, IT hardware, and attendant devices. We can ensure positive control of all data hardware, guaranteeing you total visibility on the process as your data centre infrastructure undergoes a clear-out.

Regardless of the size of your firm’s facility, we can provide a consultation and assess your data centre clear-out needs. We can develop a schedule that will minimise impact on your operations. We’ve helped clients in places like London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow, and we can help you, too. Call or email us today to begin the consultation process!

Flexibility for Recycling and Destruction During UK Data Centre Clear-Outs

The individual components of a data centre add up to an expensive roster of equipment. When attending to a UK data centre clear-out, TWSRecovery can assist you by assessing the resale value of all the peripherals involved in your UK data centre operation. We have the ability to manage enormous quantities of assets with total transparency and visibility, ensuring that every piece of equipment is accounted for and every storage medium is processed to eliminate confidential data.

With TWSRecovery, you can capture the resale value of your excess IT equipment without concern of confidential information compromise. We have a track record of assisting UK firms with data centre clear-outs since 2003, and we can easily facilitate an on-site operation in London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, or Birmingham.

Unlock Value of Decommissioned UK Data Centre Clear-Out Equipment

If you’re in the process of upgrading or switching to the cloud for data centre operations, we want to be your UK data centre clear-out partners. We’ve assisted UK customers for over a decade with data recovery, data destruction, HDD wiping, and much more — and we can bring the full suite of that knowledge and experience to your organisation’s service. UK data centre clear-out customers often underestimate the value of the used equipment on-site, and understandable data security concerns often override the benefits of resale.

However, TWSRecovery can ensure total information security of all your classified and sensitive data, freeing up your assets for reuse or resale. We’ve conducted operations all over the UK: in places like London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, and Glasgow. Call us today to begin a consultation.

Flexible Scheduling Options for UK Data Centre Clear-Outs

Your UK data centre clear-out operation may require a quick turnover of the facility space, which can create impediments if an on-site data destruction process takes place. At TWSRecovery, we offer off-site data centre clear-out options for our UK customers. We can assemble a team of technicians and transport your data centre equipment to a secure location, all the while maintaining positive control of every peripheral and device through an integrated asset management system.

We want to assist you with recapturing the value of your used equipment, and we can perform a UK data centre clear-out with maximum security and efficiency. Our off-site UK data centre clear-outs ensure a minimum disruption of your data centre space, and our certified information security processes mean you’ll be free to resell or reuse any decommissioned equipment. We’ve conducted clear-outs in Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, and London — and we’re ready to help your business as well.

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Posted on September 21, 2017