We Have Proven Experience with UK Data Centre Removals

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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TWSRecovery can assist your firm with UK data centre removal needs. We have experienced technicians who can quickly and efficiently de-rack and re-rack servers as necessary, minimising the downtime required to relocate or remove your UK data centre. Our engineers have experience handling network equipment, storage media, and server hardware, and your firm’s information security is always paramount.

During your consultation, we can assist you with developing a plan for the de-rack and re-rack of all equipment, creating an asset roster and installation plan to quickly clear space and facilitate removal. We’ve helped UK clients with data centre removals since 2003, and we can assist you throughout the country — in Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Glasgow, and beyond. Contact us today to begin the consultation process!

TWSRecovery is Your Partner for UK Data Centre Removals

TWSRecovery has conducted operations throughout the UK and Ireland, and we can assist you with data centre removals and relocations throughout the region. Whether your data centre removal is for disposal or relocation, we can easily manage operations to attend to all of your hardware and storage media. We’ve managed data centre removals since 2003 throughout the United Kingdom, and we can help create a project schedule that best suits your business’s needs.

Furthermore, TWSRecovery understands the concerns inherent with private data and information security. We adhere rigorously to international data handling standards, and we plan our data centre removals with an emphasis on asset management and operational security. We can offer a wide range of overwrite processes, to include the physical destruction of hardware as necessary. Whatever your UK data centre removal needs, we can facilitate them.

Let Us Construct Your UK Data Centre Removal Schedule

If you’re in the process of coordinating a UK data centre removal, TWSRecovery can assist you both in planning and execution. Since 2003, we’ve aided UK firms with data centre removal, drive wiping, information security, e-waste recycling, and more. We can coordinate a plan to handle all sensitive storage media, de-rack equipment, transport it, and either re-rack or decommission it. We can create access rosters, design an accountability chart, and interface directly with your IT and information security personnel for maximum efficiency.

We’ve helped clients throughout the UK, in places like Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Glasgow, and London. We can conduct operations on-site as needed, or can transport materials to our facility. We’re ready to assist your firm with your UK data centre removal needs. Contact us to begin a consultation.

Information Security is Always Paramount in UK Data Centre Removals

When conducting a UK data centre removal, we understand that information security is paramount. One has only to examine the news to witness cases of information security gone wrong — of data compromised and sold to the highest bidder. We understand the risks involved with allowing access to your IT infrastructure, which is why we strive to make our UK data centre removal process as transparent and coordinated as possible.

Working in accordance with your company’s IT and information security managers, we will create a materials accountability roster, an access roster, a loading plan, and much more in order to ensure total security. We’ve previously assisted UK customers all over the country — in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow — and we can assist you, too.

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Posted on September 21, 2017