No Matter the Scope, We Can Handle Your UK Decommissioning Project

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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At TWSRecovery, we offer a comprehensive program of commissioning and decommissioning options. Whether it’s a small-scale office project or a larger, more complicated facility, our UK de-commissioning specialists can help with all decommissioning planning, organization, asset disposition coordination, transition plans, de-installation of hardware, asset harvesting, procurement, migration and data handling — all of which takes place under strict asset custody.

Since 2003, we’ve assisted UK firms with data server and IT infrastructure decommissioning, and we want to help your firm, too. We can provide a comprehensive consultation, and can work on-site — no matter where you are in the UK. We’ve helped clients in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow. Start your consultation today!

We Eliminate All Risk of Data Leak with UK Decommissioning

When it comes to UK decommissioning, risk mitigation is everything. For all of the physical infrastructure to be moved, there is a pressing concern with the data contained on your storage media. Destruction of data and storage media is no issue whatsoever with our UK decommissioning service. You can trust TWSRecovery to safely remove all your data, employing methods that comply with international government and military standardisations. We employ degaussing and shredding devices to physically destroy the media, but we begin this process after having completed all the requisite rewrites and wipes of data contained within.

You will have full confidence that, during the decommissioning process, your data will be completely safeguarded until its ultimate elimination. Whether in London or Leeds, Birmingham or Sheffield, Glasgow or Edinburgh, we can help you with your UK decommissioning process.

Internationally Compliant Security for UK Decommissioning Projects

When wiping storage media during a UK decommissioning project, we employ cutting-edge equipment and adhere to internationally codified standards of overwriting. Once complete, we can use other specialised equipment to degauss and shred your drives. This eliminates all data and ensures that the media itself is similarly unusable. Furthermore, we can issue a certificate of destruction in order to comply with your firm’s information security requirements.

TWSRecovery has experience with decommissioning projects and the requisite preparations to achieve success. We’ve handled large-scale UK decommissioning jobs and stand ready to assist your firm as well. Since 2003, we’ve performed UK data centre decommissioning in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Greater London or the City of London itself. Call today to begin your consultation, and let us devise a schedule to manage your decommissioning needs.

The Experience and Expertise to Manage UK Decommissioning Plans

Conducting a UK decommissioning project is more complex than simply unplugging devices, and we can manage all of it. TWSRecovery has more than a decade of experience with comprehensive information security and data centre operations, and we can facilitate your UK decommissioning with maximum efficiency. We’ll create a planning schedule, security de-confliction procedure, and asset accountability roster that will manage the project transparently and precisely.

Whether you’re decommissioning a data centre in order to switch to the cloud, moving a data centre, or simply conducting replacement of IT infrastructure, our UK decommissioning service can manage your firm’s needs. We can conduct operations throughout the United Kingdom, in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Sheffield. Call us today to begin your consultation, and let us assist you.

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Posted on September 21, 2017