A Transparent and Coordinated UK HDD Cleansing Operation for Your Firm

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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TWSRecovery provides a UK HDD cleansing solution that ensures the protection of your IT hardware. Our internationally certified methodology allows for secure and precise disposal of decommissioned or replaced hardware. Through our customizable process, we offer on-site and off-site HDD cleansing with transparent asset tracking. You’ll have full visibility of your IT hardware as it undergoes the data cleansing process.

Similarly, we can assist you with re-installation, reuse, or recycling of your IT peripherals and infrastructure after the HDD cleansing process is complete. No matter the size of your operation, and no matter your location within the United Kingdom, we can assist you. We’ve helped clients in Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Leeds, and Glasgow since 2003, and we stand ready to assist you, too. Call or email us today to begin your consultation.

Total Security Solutions with Our UK HDD Cleansing Operations

At TWSRecovery, we understand how crucial your proprietary data can be — sometimes the difference between success and failure. We provide a UK HDD cleansing service that can meet the rigorous demands of government, corporate, and medical data security operations. When confidential information is stored on various media, any deleted files can be easily retrieved if information security procedures are not employed. We can help to destroy all data on your decommissioned storage media, to include drive shredding or degaussing.

These processes will in turn remove any risk of your sensitive and private information being compromised, no matter the hardware or software retrieval method attempted. Through compliance with international data security standards, and through our own strict compliance and accountability, we are able to offer our UK customers exceptional HDD cleansing service that will secure your private information. We’ve previously helped clients in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow — and we’re here to help your firm as well.

Our UK HDD Cleansing Offers Your Firm IT Hardware Flexibility

When in the process of replacing IT hardware at your firm, there are numerous variables of cost and functionality that require consideration. However, what is perhaps less clear is that mitigating the environmental impact of e-waste can become costly — and even more so if regulations are not followed. Our UK HDD cleansing service provides you with options — once the multiple wipes of your storage media are complete, you can choose to reuse or resell

the media in question instead of recycling it. You can have complete confidence that your data is completely irretrievable.

However, if you decide that you’d prefer to dispose of the media after the completion of HDD cleansing, we can easily facilitate that at as well. We’re able to provide on-site service throughout the UK, in places like Birmingham, London, Leeds, Glasgow, and Sheffield.

Mitigate Environmental Concerns with Our UK HDD Cleansing Service

Environmental concerns are often significant priorities for our UK HDD cleansing customers, and our services are fully compliant with the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive for disposal. Our UK HDD cleansing customers have peace of mind when it comes to their private data, but they also know that our services help to minimise electronic waste. Storage media, which may contain significant amounts of toxic materials such as cadmium, mercury, or lead, can have outsize impact on the environment if not stored correctly.

TWSRecovery has a Responsible Recyclers Certification and complies with all mandated standards for disposal. As such, no matter the size of your decommissioned or replaced hardware, we can ensure that any media not destined for reuse or resale is disposed of in a manner that minimises environmental impact. We’ve served customers in Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, and London, and can perform disposal duties on-site anywhere in the UK. Call today to begin a consultation, and learn how we can assist your business.

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Posted on September 21, 2017