Our On-site and Off-site UK HDD Destruction Can Meet Your Needs

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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Our UK HDD destruction service can provide secure data removal, fully compliant with international data handling standards and backed by a guarantee. Since 2003, we’ve helped clients throughout the UK eliminate unwanted data, perform HDD destruction, and secure their valuable and confidential data. We can provide on-site HDD wiping to clients all over the United Kingdom, to include London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow. If you wish to decommission a data centre or eliminate out-dated hardware, we can supply the technical expertise required to ensure the total elimination of your sensitive information. We have highly trained technicians with verifiable records of performance, and we employ various handling measures in order to ensure positive control of hardware at all times. If you call us today, we can begin a consultation and develop a programme for your firm, too.

Reuse, Resell, or Recycle—Our UK HDD Destruction Service Gives Options

In the contemporary business world, firms have to contend with two distinct issues: the preservation of confidential and sensitive information, and the need to comply with environmental regulations to prevent waste and contamination. At TWSRecovery, we can offer you solutions that will meet the requirements of both. First, our UK HDD destruction service can render all of your storage media safe for reuse or resale.

You can confidently reinstall the hardware in question elsewhere in your firm, resell it, or opt to have it destroyed in total compliance with UK environmental regulations. We’ve assisted clients with these operations throughout the United Kingdom: in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Leeds, and Sheffield. We stand ready to help you, too.

UK HDD Destruction to Suit Any Size Operation or Requirement

Our UK HDD destruction service employs a series of progressive rewrites on magnetic storage media (and employs a similar de-fragmentation process for solid-state media). This ensures that the deleted data cannot be retrieved — not by us, not by anyone. We’re experts in data retrieval, and as such we understand the processes required to prevent data recovery in the event of hardware compromise.

One has only to browse the news to encounter stories of improperly handled hardware leading to data loss. Whether it's unscrupulous dumping or insufficient HDD destruction procedures, the risks are most certainly elevated. TWSRecovery can provide you with certified HDD destruction services that will prevent this risk. Whether in London or Glasgow, Sheffield or Birmingham, Leeds or Belfast, we can handle your HDD destruction requirements.

We Understand Security Concerns and Can Assist with UK HDD Destruction

When you're seeking to decommission or replace hardware that has previously handled classified or sensitive information, there are often entry access requirements to meet prior to even beginning the procedure. With our UK HDD destruction team, we can work with your physical security and IT personnel to create a schedule for operations that complies with all your requirements. No matter the size or scope of the operation — and no matter the location — we can facilitate it.

We’ve handled large-scale HDD destruction plans for firms throughout the UK, working on-site in Leeds, London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, and elsewhere. No matter the security requirements of your facility, we can assemble a team that will comply with your own firm’s IT procedures and tracking methods whilst conducting the HDD destruction process.

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Posted on September 21, 2017