UK HDD Recycling Options That Safeguard Your Information Security

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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We can offer a wide range of HDD recycling options for your UK business, all of it in accordance with international data destruction standards. When presented with data requiring removal, we can conduct a one-pass or multi-pass wipe. Employing a randomized pattern of meaningless data, this removes all possibility of information retrieval, even if examined with a scanning electron microscope. Once complete, you can opt to recycle drives into use elsewhere in your firm, resell them, or destroy them.

Our team of professionals can handle any size and scope of UK HDD drive recycling operations. We’ve previously assisted customers on-site throughout the United Kingdom, in places like Leeds, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Sheffield. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation. We can assess your HDD drive recycling needs and develop a plan of action.

Let TWSRecovery Design HDD Recycling Schedules for Your UK Firm

The process of executing HDD drive recycling seems simple at first, but it becomes much more complex when scaled up. Our UK HDD drive recycling team understands the need for control measures and asset management, which is why we create a system to ensure maximum visibility of your assets.

We’ll track inventory by noting the drive’s manufacturer, its make and model, its serial number, size, type of overwrite performed, bad sectors reported, and the identity of the technician who performed the operation. This will in turn provide an asset roster that keeps positive control of all media involved during HDD drive recycling. We’ve assisted clients throughout the United Kingdom, in places like Leeds, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, and Glasgow. Whatever your location in the UK, we can assist you with HDD drive recycling.

We’ll Help Manage UK Data Destruction and HDD Recycling Operations

When you seek to design a UK HDD recycling plan, TWSRecovery can offer you a wide range of options to suit your operational requirements and budget. We have the ability to safely overwrite your data in accordance with international standards, whether it is magnetic or solid-state media. Furthermore, when you complete a consultation with our UK HDD recycling team, we can asses the best method for reducing costs and e-waste — whether resale, reuse, or the physical destruction and recycling of the media itself.

Regardless of choice, we strive to offer you maximum flexibility and convenience. We can accommodate your HDD recycling needs with both on- and off-site service throughout the UK, in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow. Whatever the scope of your project, TWSRecovery can assist you.

We Minimise Waste and Costs with Our UK HDD Recycling Service

At TWSRecovery, we tailor our UK HDD recycling operations to minimise e-waste and disposal costs. We can assist your business with a wide suite of options for HDD recycling, taking into consideration your firm’s specific IT requirements and information security standards. Since 2003, we’ve helped UK customers safeguard their valuable data and prevent spillage, all the while complying with EU and UK regulations on e-waste and recycling.

If your HDD recycling needs attend specifically to the destruction of data, we can provide resources to salvage the storage media itself while completely removing the information contained within. If you require the physical destruction and recycling of the HDD, we can facilitate that as well with on- and off-site service options. We’ve helped clients in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Sheffield — let us help you as well.

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Posted on September 21, 2017