For UK Businesses, Conventional HDD Erasure is Not Enough

Published: admin 28.06.2016
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File erasure can seem secure even when it is not, and our UK HDD erasure firm can close this gap. Upon deletion or erasure, the data contained within a file is in fact still extant. Although the disk space may be marked “free” for other data, it is still not overwritten and can still be retrieved after one or two overwrites. Similarly, hard drives with faulty or bad sectors (or entirely spoilt hard drives) can still be repaired in order to facilitate data retrieval.

No matter how secure a software delete may seem, your data can still be recovered by a professional — no matter their intentions. If you’re a UK firm with IT hardware — whether you’re in Sheffield, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, or beyond — your data is at risk. If you call or email us today, we can create a plan to mitigate this risk. We abide by international data erasure standards and can eliminate the possibility of any data recovery through our HDD erasure service.

Our HDD Erasure Service Means Your UK Firm is Safe from Data Spillage

Through more than a decade at work assisting UK customers with HDD erasure, we’ve identified the major risks to clients’ data and the strategies by which to remove that risk. To that effect, our UK HDD erasure service can protect you and your firm from unauthorized data loss. We employ standard practices mandated by Her Majesty’s Government, the United States Department of Defense, the Australian Defence Force, and many others.

Employing our HDD erasure process, we can ensure that any storage media decommissioned by your firm can be resold, reused, or destroyed without risk. We’ve helped clients achieve peace of mind and information security in London, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, and Sheffield. We can provide on-site and off-site service throughout the United Kingdom, and we can tailor a schedule that ensures no disruption to your IT operations.

Maximum Visibility and Transparency for UK HDD Erasure Operations

With TWSRecovery, your firm will benefit from the precise and secure HDD erasure process we provide. We can offer 100 per cent on-site HDD erasure, destruction, retirement, and refurbishing, giving your firm a maximum of flexibility. We employ a closed-loop process, ensuring maximum visibility and transparency for clients throughout operations. We strive to eliminate security risks, provide peace of mind, and give you the ability to trust your information security processes.

Regardless of your location in the UK, we can provide on-site HDD erasure operations that will eliminate e-waste, preclude spillage or leakage, facilitate upgrades of infrastructure, and keep your business secure. We’ve helped clients in places like Leeds, Birmingham, London, Sheffield, and Glasgow, and we’re ready to help you as well. Contact us today to begin a consultation.

We Offer Standalone UK HDD Erasure and Comprehensive Data Destruction

TWSRecovery incorporates a wide variety of options for data handling, erasure, and destruction. Although we offer an internationally certified and standards-compliant data destruction program, TWSRecovery also offers UK HDD erasure services to clients, either as part of an on-going hardware disposal process or as a means of preparing hardware for reuse. We employ a software-based operation in order to securely overwrite confidential or sensitive data for our UK customers, assisting them with IT upgrades and retirements in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow.

This procedure allows us to preserve the functionality of the hardware, which can then be reused or resold in accordance with your firm’s needs. Our UK HDD erasure service provides an alternative to degaussing and shredding of hard drives. It can be incorporated as one additional step in the destruction process, or as the primary means of HDD erasure — no matter what, your confidential data is secure.

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Posted on September 21, 2017