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Published: admin 28.06.2016
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When it comes to decommissioning out-dated hardware in the UK, there is no substitute for precision. There are often multiple moving pieces, dozens of peripherals, and even more storage media involved — all of which could potentially create a data compromise. TWSRecovery offers a comprehensive UK HDD sanitising service in order to render this process simple. We can assist you in developing a schedule and performing asset management, ensuring positive control of each device throughout the process.

You’ll have the benefit of our UK HDD sanitising experience, and a clear understanding of the duration and scope of the operations at your firm. We’ve provided HDD sanitising service all over the UK since 2003: in Glasgow and throughout Scotland; in various Midlands and Northern England cities like Birmingham, Sheffield, and Leeds; in Greater London and the City of London itself. Contact us today to begin a consultation.

A Complex HDD Sanitising Service Made Simple by Our Experts

HDD sanitising is a relatively simple process, but with each moving piece it becomes more complex. As such, while the fundamental operation involved — multiple overwrites of storage media and subsequent re-installation — is quite easy to conceptualize for UK IT firms, it becomes much more difficult when many aspects take place simultaneously.

Our UK HDD sanitising service is more than just a series of overwrites — we bring top-of-the-line technologies that allow for both quick data sanitisation (often in the span of minutes, whereas a traditional overwrite might take hours), and we bring the experience of over 12 years serving customers throughout the UK, in places like Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and London. You’ll have full visibility of the HDD sanitising process during operations, and the certainty of our international data sanitisation standards compliance. Call us today!

Reclaim the Value of Decommissioned Hardware with UK HDD Sanitising

When replacing out-dated hardware, there are multiple competing concerns: the desire to protect all data at all costs, the desire to maintain operations with a minimum of disruption, and the desire to retrieve some of the value of the storage media itself. TWSRecovery’s UK HDD sanitising service can allow you to negotiate these concerns without worry of data compromise or IT slowdown.

Our technicians can provide HDD sanitising service that ensures total destruction of any data contained within, whilst maintaining the usability of the media. You’ll be free to resell it and reclaim its value, safe from any worry of data retrieval. We’re prepared to offer flexible and comprehensive HDD sanitising service on- or off-site, no matter your location. We’ve helped clients in Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, and London, and we can help you, too.

International Standards Compliance for the Most Secure UK HDD Sanitising

In an effort to provide the most secure UK HDD sanitising service, TWSRecovery continually seeks to identify and comply with international data handling standards. We can offer service in compliance with norms mandated by the United States Department of Defense, Her Majesty’s Government InfoSec Standard, the Australian Defence Signals Directorate, HIPAA, NATO, and many others.

We issue certificates of compliance at the conclusion of HDD sanitising operations, which serves as a permanent record of this standards compliance. We can ensure that your firm’s data receives the utmost protection and confidentiality as a result of our HDD sanitising procedures. No matter your location in the United Kingdom — whether in Belfast, Dundee, Glasgow, Cardiff, London, Sheffield, Birmingham, or Leeds, we can assist you on-site with HDD sanitising service.

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