Your Benefits

TWSRecovery will address your Asset Management requirements with innovative and proprietary technology using proactive regulatory compliance. More than 10 years of experience on a global platform and multiple locations in the USA, Europe and Asia enable us to tailor a proven high-end recovery program in Remarketing and Asset Recovery.

Partnering with us allows our customers achieve best market return on their retired assets and successfully find the balance between risk and valuable opportunities.

We operate a 20,000 sq facility in Dublin Ireland and will market your material through our selected partners located worldwide. We are flexible and adaptive to deal productively with obsolete and end of life IT inventory as well as managing the logistics and transport.

Our Recycling and Remarketing solutions guarantee confidentiality and traceability of all materials processed by auditing all tiers of our downstream vendors.

We use advanced and cost effective methods for all materials processed at our facilities. Zero Cost compliant Recycling is using professionals with diligence and over 10 years of industry experience with mainstream electronic recycling.

We have a responsibility to manage your electronics in an environmentally and responsible manner. TWSRecovery gives you the peace of mind and confidence that all environmental directives will be observed. Recycling benefits both the environment and the economy, remember we are all part of the solution.